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Ghulam Muhammad Sons (GMS), a Pakistan based company, was founded in Karachi in September 1972 and has a branch office in Lahore. GMS is very actively engaged in marketing complete range of Scientific Laboratory running products through its specialized staff at Karachi, Lahore, and other places. Ghulam Muhammad Sons is probably the only company that is capable of delivering a complete Scientific Analytical laboratory with installation, services and after-sales service of products like lab, Glassware apparatus, Scientific Instruments e.g HPLC,Ion Chromatograph, Dissolution Testers, Disintegration Testers, Tablet Hardness Testers, Friability Testers, Leak Testers, Sieve shakers  GC, Spectrophotometers, Laboratory Balances ph and Conductivity meters, etc. Heat measuring instruments (IP/ASTM) Thermometers, Hydrometers, Pressure Gauges, HPLC/GC Columns, HPLC/Gc Syringes, Glass Capillary Viscometers, Viscometers Baths, and Petroleum Test Instruments, Tablet, physical testing Instruments, Climatic Chamber, Dispensers, Centrifuges, etc.

Ghulam Muhammad Sons (GMS) accomplishments would never have been possible without skilled and factory-trained Engineers and the managerial services of GMS staff.


Our Vision

Ghulam Muhammad Sons (GMS) aims to be the top supplier and service provider for its customers all over Pakistan and continue to maintain our high standards.

Who Are We

We are a Service providing company with a well trained and well equiped service enginners team.

Our Mission

GMS mission is to contribute to their clients’ success through utilising their unique capabilities and deep expertise.

What We Do

We deliver a complete Scientific Analytical laboratory with installation, services and after sales service.

Our History

Ghulam Muhammad Sons (GMS) was founded in Karachi in September 1972 and since then is on a mission to provide excellent service to its customers.


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