Ghulam Muhammad Sons is the leading provider of analytical and laboratory equipment in Pakistan. With 50+ years of experience and expertise, we take great pride in being the market leaders in this field, providing our clients with top-quality products and exceptional services. Our range of equipment from the world’s top manufacturers, which caters to our clients’ needs, is as follows:

ERWEKA is a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. We supply tablet test equipment like Dissolution Tester, Disintegration tester, Tablet Hardness Testers, etc for pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world.

Dissolution Testing

Erweka offers Dissolution Testing Solutions in a wide range. Starting from basic entry-level and budget friendly systems to fully advance Digital Dissolution Testers.

Tablet Physical Testing

Erweka manufacturers world's most advanced and automated tablet physical testing instruments. From automated Tablet Hardness Testers to automated Disintegration testers, we have got you covered.

R&D Equipment

Have a look at our All purpose Equipment system and our single punch tablet press.

Sievers TOC Analyzers & Analytical Instruments Unmatched analytical performance, reliability, and ease of use As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers and analytical instruments, we provide superior technology, design, quality, and service. They have acquired more than 30 patents for technical innovations— including the Sievers Membrane Conductometric Method and the Integrated On-Line Sampling (iOS) System. Sievers TOC Analyzers cover a dynamic analytical range from 0.03 ppb up to 50,000 ppm and provide solutions across diverse industries and applications. Beyond instrumentation you can trust, Sievers certified services, reference materials and vials, and application expertise are unmatched.

M9 Family

Sievers M9 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers provide stable and accurate data for ultrapure and pharmaceutical water monitoring, cleaning validation, and other applications

M500 Online TOC Analyzer

The Sievers M500 is our third generation online TOC analyzer based on Sievers’ reagentless Membrane Conductometric technology. The M500 offers an operating range of 0.03 ppb to 2.5 ppm with high accuracy and includes simultaneous conductivity measurement.

Sievers Checkpoint

The Sievers CheckPoint On-Line/Portable Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensor allows superior flexibility when measuring low level TOC. It can be used on-line for continuous monitoring or carried to any point in a water system. This sensor is a powerful tool for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting for pharmaceutical applications.

INTERSCIENCE has been developing and manufacturing innovative scientific equipment for microbiology for 40 years. Its products guarantee safe and fast analyses for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, environmental and medical research industries.

Colony Counting

Colony counting can be tedious and time-consuming. Scan automatic colony counters provide efficient, complete and accurate colony counting.

Inhibition Zone Reader

Inhibition zone measurement is time-consuming. The inhibtion zone readers enable a quicker and more accurate measurements.

Dispensing Pumps

FlexiPump are peristaltic dosing pumps that allow the distribution of culture media, agar, diluents and all types of liquids. Their speed and accuracy guarantee an efficient preparation of your analyses.

POL-EKO is present on the Polish market for Environmental Testing for over 30 years. Our experience shows that our customers depend on both: high-quality equipment, as well as professional use. Therefore, we offer you a first class device while constantly working on their further development. Assortment of our products we offer is extremely rich. Every day, our customers can count on our help in choosing the right equipment and if in our offer you will not find the right product for your application, our engineers are ready to design a solution for a particular recipient.

Stability Chambers

The climatic chambers of POL-EKO are devices in which temperature and humidity are parameters that can be almost freely simulated

Laboratory Incubators

Laboratory incubators are thermostatic devices used to incubate samples in temperature conditions (up to a maximum of +100 °C)

Drying Ovens

Drying ovens are designed to provide high temperatures up to 300°C.

Laboratory Freezer

Laboratory freezers can freeze and store frozen samples.

Data Loggers

Data loggers are the ideal solution when there is a need to continuously measure and record temperature and/or humidity in thermostatic devices.

Laboratory Sterilizer

Hot-air sterilizers have been equipped with a couple of additional functions that protect samples.

A.KRÜSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optoelectronic measuring devices and analytical instruments. The family enterprise founded in 1796 offers an extensive range of products and customised solutions for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage industry as well as for research and science. We also offer a wide variety of products for professional gemology. 


Our high-speed polarimeters of the Professional series are the fastest in the world – thanks to our patented measure ment procedure, which reduces the measurement time to approx. 1 s regardless of the sample’s angle of rotation. They achieve a high measure ment accuracy of up to ±0.002°, offer the option of a water bath or Peltier temperature control as well as an automatic operations.


Our DR6000 series of digital refractometers deliver highly accurate and reproducible measurement results, offer semi-automatic and fully automatic working, and are easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows.

Density Meter

A.KRÜSS density meters use the U-tube oscillator method and enable simple, fast and precise measurements of all flowable media. Due to the small footprint, an intelligent user interface as well as the conformity with many standards, our density meters are optimally tailored to a modern laboratory world.

Melting Point Meter

With the melting point meters from A.KRÜSS, powdery substances can be examined quickly and reliably semi-automatically or fully automatically and with a precisely regulated heating rate.

Flame Photometers

The flame photometers from A.Krüss are used to determine the concentration of alkali and alkaline earth elements in aqueous solutions and are a simple and particularly cost-effective alternative to analysis techniques such as ICP or AAS.


A.KRÜSS offers high-quality microscopes, which are known for their excellent image quality. Our microscopes are designed for medical and biological applications in laboratories, industry and education.

OHAUS has been producing safe, precise, and reliable scales, analytical instruments, and laboratory equipment since Gustav and Karl Ohaus founded the company in 1907. We have evolved alongside the industries we serve, ensuring we not only meet their needs today, but anticipate their needs of tomorrow. This is the OHAUS Advantage – built on the core principles of Trust, Agility, Ingenuity, and Commitment.

Balances & Scales

Ohaus has a wide range of balances having both entry level basic balances to a fully automated Explorer series.


A vortex mixer is a laboratory device used to mix or blend small samples of liquids in test tubes, bottles or other containers.


Moisture affects everything we use on a daily basis. Therefore, in many cases it is important to be able to accurately determine the moisture content of samples. Equipped to handle routine and sophisticated measurements, our flagship moisture analyzers makes the whole process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Water Analysis Meters & Electrodes

Easy-to-Use and Accurate Benchtop Meter.

Hotplates & Stirrers

Durable Digital Hotplate Stirrers with Superior Safety Features and Intelligent Performance

Open Air Shakers

Rely on the digital shakers' exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system for exceptional speed control, accuracy and durability. All models feature a maintenance-free motor for long-term use.

Korea MediLab is making new equipments for my sincere friends of the customer, by the customer, for the customer. We’ll make something out of nothing for satisfaction of the customer. Our main products are centrifuge, co2 incubator, shaking incubator, autoclave Growth chamber, stability chamber, work in growth chamber, Fume hood, Furnace safety cabinet, Deep freezer and so on. These Laboratory products can be designed as per customs requirements. We’ll pursue new things for customer satisfaction We are a small but strong company for seeking friendship of worldwide families.


An autoclave is a device that is used to sterilize equipment, materials, and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure and temperature.

Vortex Mixer

A vortex mixer is a laboratory device used to mix or blend small samples of liquids in test tubes, bottles or other containers.

Fume Hood

A fume hood is a type of ventilation system that is designed to protect laboratory workers from inhaling harmful fumes, gases, and dusts that are generated during experiments or other laboratory operations. It is an essential safety device in many laboratories, particularly those that handle hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, or infectious agents.

KNAUER manufactures high-end scientific instruments for research, routine analysis, quality assurance, and other applications. Supported technologies include liquid chromatography, precise handling and pumping of liquids up to high pressures, as well as flow-through detection of dissolved substances. Customizable products and solutions are one of our strengths. Made in Germany.

HPLC Systems

A complete solution for your daily HPLC routine with a "plus feature of 862 bar max. pressure.

UHPLC Systems

Advanced systems for highest demands and most complex tasks with upto 1000 bar or 1240 bar with the new P 8.1L system

Dosing Pumps

KNAUER dosing pumps are highly accurate two-piston pumps for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in research and method development.


KNAUER is one of the pioneers in the field of osmometry and known for its reliable and user-friendly instruments for many decades. Our newest freezing point osmometer K-7400S allows the easy and fast determination of the osmolality of various aqueous solutions. Also, the freezing point depression of the samples can be read.

HPLC Columns

In the field of analytical HPLC columns we can offer a solution for nearly any analytical separation task. KNAUER offers about 6,000 columns for analytical HPLC and UHPLC applications as well as for purification tasks in the preparative scale.

ClarityChrom HPLC Software

ClarityChrom is an easy-to-use chromatography data system for workstations. The optional GC-, MS and KNAUER FRC control modules and extensions for PDA, SST, and SEC/GPC allow using the software for a wide range of applications.

Fritsch is one of the leading manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments worldwide for Sample Preparation Particle Sizing. Our customers are organizations which are involved in research and quality control for solids.

Sieve Shakers

The Vibratory Sieve Shakers ANALYSETTE 3 PRO and SPARTAN are ideal for dry and wet sieving, measuring the quantitative particle size distribution of solids and suspensions, separating and fractioning of sample quantities up to 2 kg in a measuring range of 20 µm - 63 mm with 100 mm, 200 mm or 8" test sieves.

Laser Particle Sizer

Our two models of the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT are ideal for efficient particle size analysis in production and quality control as well as in research and development or for controlling manufacturing processes.

Planetary Mills

Planetary Mills are ideally suited for fine grinding of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, tough and moist materials. The comminution of the material to be ground takes place primarily through the high-energy impact of grinding balls in rotating grinding bowls. The grinding can be performed dry, in suspension or in inert gas.

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